An environment with no ceilings on excellence

The campus of Candiidus International School is in a league of its own. It is built on the knowledge that school architecture has a strong bearing on the educational outcomes.

No compromises have been made in the architectural design and composition of the school. Every facility that a modern 21st century educational institution should ideally have, has been put in place.

It is a spacious campus with delineated zones for academics, administration, activity and sports.


Candiidus ranks among the best campuses in the country with world-class facilities for academics and extra-curricular activities.

The classrooms are technology-enabled smart classrooms with highly conducive interiors. Laboratories for math and sciences, computers, robotics and language have been provided along with a well-stocked library. DIY labs have been provided to give an impetus to Project-based learning.

The campus is designed so as to inspire a sense of belongingness in the students, teachers and staff. This is to create a vibrant school community with shared goals and aspirations.

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