Making scholastic success a habit

The curriculum at Candiidus International School is implemented in line with the pedagogical practices that help realize the potential of every child. Curricular goals are achieved by structuring the lessons and instruction on the tenets of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences (ToMI) .This curricular practice enhances the receptiveness of the children in the class and helps them explore and hone their aptitudes.

In terms of academic and curricular practice, the school is among the few who sustain a truly global learning environment. The school offers both CBSE and Cambridge International curricula. Candiidus offers Cambridge curriculum from Nursery to Grade 5, Grade 6 onwards there is a choice between the CBSE and Cambridge curricula.

Cambridge Curriculum


Assessment is comprehensive and streamlined to ensure that academics, at any stage, does not become an imposition on the students. It is participatory and collaborative learning that is promoted at the institution.

The classrooms at Candiidus support multi-dimensional learning and conceptual depth. Project-based learning and other application-oriented pedagogical practices are used to maximize the achievement of curricular goals.

Development of 21st century skills is well-integrated into the curriculum at Candiidus. Academics is seamlessly blended with the programmes for inculcation of the entire spectrum of personal, social, intellectual, professional and language skills.

Emphasis is placed on the development of technological skills in children. Students are methodically and purposefully acquainted with Information and Computer Technology and allied disciplines like AI and Robotics.

Progressive academic practices and personalized teaching-learning systems contribute an educational eco system vastly different from the ones prevalent in other Schools in the region, be it elementary, primary, secondary or senior secondary.

We have a well- developed contingency response mechanism to ensure that the academic instruction and curricular goals remain uninterrupted and uncompromised in the event of emergencies. Remote learning systems and concepts like flipped classrooms are incorporated in our educational system.

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