Towards a new era in education

Candiidus International School is a Cambridge and CBSE International day school instituting globally informed international education for a vibrant metropolis and its peripherals. 

The school is in the league of India’s best international schools with an educational ecosystem derived from the leading educational practices that have gained currency across the globe. Candiidus, a Cambridge school in Patancheruvu, teaches students to move forward with confidence and fun while learning.

At Candiidus, believe in earning distinction by establishing systems to support leading academic practices coupled with 21st-century skill development. The institution’s focus is on cultivating an educational culture that fosters children’s overall development and prepares them for the 21st-century industry and society.

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We have achieved global standards in terms of infrastructure, education technology, pedagogy, and curriculum implementation. With an educational environment that results in the nation’s leading institutions’ rivals, we take pride in calling ourselves the best CBSE school in Chanda Nagar. 


We lay strong emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge, exposing our students to real-world scenarios, and firing their imaginations by developing the virtue of initiative and social accountability. Being a CBSE school in BHEL, we focus on strengthening your child’s talents with the latest teaching methods.


We lead with value and are determined to fill the gaps that conventional education systems have. We are committed to upgrading every practice to ensure a K-12 education that supplies the industry and society with confident leaders and champions.


Candiidus marks a significant upscaling in terms of curricular and co-curricular choices thereby enhancing the educational outcomes. We aim to provide access to wholesome, internationally informed curricular practices that reinforce the individuality of every child


The institution is born out of the determination to offer the best international curriculum and teaching practices in an environment rooted in time-honored traditional values.


“Impart education marked by global authoritative standards, helping pupils develop nationally cherished and internationally recognizable competence”


“Fire every child’s imagination through cognitive stimulation, exemplary organizational conduct and demonstrating societal aspects of academics, sports and arts”


“Create a comprehensive educational institution with advanced pedagogical systems informed by International standards combined with cultural values and ethos and combine international educational procedures with integral value-systems to create a pedagogical system with individual integrity as its hallmark.”

Academic leadership

Ms.G Vani Reddy

Ms. G Vani Reddy


An avid academician with multi-faceted educational expertise. She had earned laurels in all her previous engagements which include principalship and Vice-Principalship of The Gaudium School and Oakridge International School respectively.

With over 28 years of experience in academic administration and institutional management, her proficiency in carrying out school operations is an asset to the institution.

Ms. Vani Reddy is all set to develop the school into a creative and vibrant institution providing a welcoming, and positive learning environment. Her convictions and thought process resonate with the values of Candiidus International and that makes her exceptionally valuable in the role of the founding principal. Her experience in the field of international education will be instrumental in empowering and equipping the students of Candiidus International school with the skills and dispositions to be lifelong learners and high achievers on global parameters.

Ms. Ruchi Rawat

Ms. Ruchi Rawat

Head of Academics

A highly passionate and talented educationist with over a decade experience in Schooling. As a career academician, she has worked across institutions national and international boards like CBSE, Cambridge, and IB. By the virtue of being equipped with expertise gained through such extensive experience in planning and managing academic affairs, she is well placed to brighten the academic prospects of the children at Candiidus.

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